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Health and Nutrition

Five Things You Should Do Before Going to Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for exercise recovery, mental sharpness, and a strong immune system. Stick to a regular 8-hour sleep schedule, but don’t neglect the value of the last few minutes before you jump in bed. Here are some quick additions to your nighttime routine that pay huge dividends over time.

How to Create an Easy Nutrition Plan, Part 2

Here are some ways to make meals with less effort.

How to Create an Easy Nutrition Plan, Part 1

With just a few simple tips, you’ll be pulling together homemade meals without much effort.

How to Find the Right Amount to Eat

How much do you need to eat? You can Google this question and get a few million results.

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your sleep.

The One Thing You Should Do Before Early-Morning Swim Practice

Many Masters swimmers spend their early-morning hours before work in the pool. Some skip a preworkout meal, others take a few minutes to gobble something when they wake up. So, which is best?

Is Your Food Really Super?

Superfoods. It’s a buzzword. Google the term and you’ll find thousands of articles listing foods you should be eating because of their super-ness. Periodically, the foods at the top of the list change. Do superfoods live up to all the hype or should they be humbled?

Don’t Let Resolutions Jeopardize Your Training

At the beginning of every year we’re bombarded with media and opinions telling us to set new goals, be more mindful, and implement behavior changes for what appears to be our own good. As an athlete, you strive to be your best, improve, and get to the next level however possible; so giving the latest and greatest trend a chance is worth it, right? Perhaps not.

Swimmers’ Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer

Summer is approaching, and that means more outdoor competitions and swimming practices. Yes, making that interval or winning that race is important, but so is protecting your skin from the sun while on the deck and in the pool.