9th Annual Betsy Owens Open Water Swims (Lake Placid):

We've posted photos from race day. Thank you to Eric Dammerman for volunteering his Saturday morning to be behind the camera.

Photos are in chronological order. We did our best to get everyone, and you'll notice more shots of individuals when there was a lull in the finishing activity.

To make the upload faster, we posted lower resolution photos to the gallery. If you'd like the higher resolution file of specific photos, just reply with your request.

We are making these photos freely available for you to use as you please.
You are, however, quite welcome and encouraged to "purchase" your photos, knowing that the proceeds will go to support breast cancer research.
We've already raised $250 this way and hope to increase that sum!
Let's call this a bit of an experiment -- pricing is entirely at your discretion.
Access the photo galleries through the following links:

Pre-race & 1 mile swim:

2 mile swim & awards:

Again, simply reply to this email to request the higher resolution files for specific photos.

Many thanks to all!
-David & Ann
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